Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Raya cards, for you & for me!

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

Enough of the miserable feeling on what had happened to my paper shredder. Life goes on & I'll take some time to survey & decide which kind of paper shredder would be mine next. Oh, how I wish that I won't face this problem anymore. It's really torturing!

Now let's move our attention to Eid Al-Fitr cards. YEAY! I made these cards by combining different quilling techniques and here's the results. Check them out!

I love the combination of white, green and red in this card. It's like a christmas theme colour. I used combing technique for the flower and actually the closed petals is inspired by Simple Rhyme. I'm copying her idea and I hope that my quilling will become neat & clean day by day.

These are the product description:
Product code: Aidilfitri Quilling Card #2
Card: 220gsm
Colour: Green
Size of card: 10.5cm x 18cm
Price: RM5 each includes envelope
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Look, I put papers inside, for your convenience. Of course you can write anything inside. Really exciting isn't it?

Simple is nice! I love the colours combination for flowers. I avoid using too many colours for this card, because sometimes using too many colours won't make it nice, but make it too crowded instead. I guess I learnt this from my experience, haha.

These are the product description:
Product code: Aidilfitri Quilling Card #1
Card: 160gsm
Colour: Cream
Size of card: 10.5cm x 19cm
Price: RM5 each includes envelope
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So that's all for now. Please & please feel free to visit me, here. Thank you very much for your support and let's keep on crafting everyday! Happy fasting!

Oh my paper shredder!

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for being in silence since my last post on RAYA cards. It's been a busy week and I'm in trouble when my ONLY functioned paper shredder has broken. It was my only machine that shreds  3mm strips and now it's broken. I bought same paper shredder twice and both has broken, exactly same faulty.

Both broken paper shredders are the mini paper shredder with letter opener, one that is very famous among quillers because it shreds 3mm strips cut and is easy to handle & cheaper compared to other shredders. I'm in torn between paying for personal hand paper shredder or a very costly machine with same size of strips cut. Here is the picture of my beloved paper shredder (^,~)

I hope that I'll find paper shredder of my wish sooner because I really can't afford orders for quilling papers as well as orders for RAYA cards without the machine.

Happy to share this info with all of you.
Thank you & Happy fasting.

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Ramadhan again!

Assalamualaikum & Happy fasting everyone,

It's Ramadhan again and I'm very grateful to Allah for giving me chance of celebrating this holy month again this year, Alhamdulillah. This is also a great opportunity for me to explore more about crafts & start to create cards for Eid Al-Fitr celebration. It's a fasting month, so most of the time will be spent on crafting session (^,~)

I got many requests from my friends & siblings for Eid Al-Fitr cards & I'm doing my best to fulfil their request. I really hope that I won't running out of ideas. I'm working on, speeding up to finish at least 3 designs everyday & keep updating here.

I'm using recycle craft paper again for this card because I love its colour & how natural it looks. For the quilling flowers, this is actually my first try on new petal design, encourage by Mr. Zam from miezcraft. Golden beads are placed beside the sentiment card, as to make it shiny a bit :)

These are the product descriptions:
Product code: Aidilfitri Quilling Card #3
Card: 220gsm
Colour: Chocolate
Size of card: 10.5cm x 19cm
Price: RM5 each includes envelope.
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I really hope that you'll love this card and I promise to add more sooner.
Do visit my online stores to purchase any of our products.
Thank you for your views & have an amazing day everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Assalamualaikum & Hello Everyone...

It's really exciting that I've finished making a birthday card for someone today. Actually, it's a request from my sweet hubby for his best friend. It's really tiring to figure out what kind of card that he might love. I'm using my favourite colour as theme colour for this card. Here is the result.

I made 3 fringed flowers, using paper shredder, since I'm too lazy to cut them manually. But if you have a fringer, let the fringer do the hard work for you. HEHE. I'm using recycle kraft paper and self-cling rubber stamp that I found at MPH Bookstore, KB Mall, Kelantan last week, along with patterned paper of my collection and some embellishment on top of it. I really hope that he will like it!

What a lovely rubber stamp set! I can't find more designs of this set but it's okay, this is good enough for me. Can't wait to try them all.

Thank you

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do you know that....

Do you know that, wider quilling strips are easier to handle?

Believe me, it's true!

We know that 3.5mm quilling strips are perfect for quilling and most of online stores sell quilling strips in that size. Recently, I bought a new paper shredder, after my old one has broken. According to the descriptions of the product, the resulting strips are 3.5mm wide and can fit 2 sheets of paper. Perfect for quilling stuff. Unfortunately, it wasn't going well. After using the paper shredder myself, I noticed that the resulting strips are 5mm wide. It was really frustrating. The machine is quite expensive and it's just a waste.

I know that my husband was also frustrated, but he didn't blame me for the incident. He said, maybe the paper shredder has its own benefit on quilling stuff. I hope so! Just to try an error, I make some quilling flowers using the wider strips. What a relief! I found that it is much easier to use than the usual strips. So, it's true! 5mm strips are also good for quilling. Hooray!

See the difference in sizes of the strips. I quilled hearts for you to spot the difference between them both. They look alike from top, but from side, we can see that wider strip stand out more.

I also read others' opinions about wider strips. What makes me feel better is, the fact that quilling strips do come in many sizes, from 1/8" up to 1" width. So, don't have to worry!

Just a useful tip: Use wider strips for typography, but use narrow strips for basic shapes.

That's all for now. Let's spread the joy of quilling with everyone you know!

Have an amazing day!
Thank you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Craft Buttons at PROMO price!

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone,

I kept this post as draft for 2 weeks. Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot to post about this sooner.
Anyway, check this out. Really interesting!

Colourful craft buttons are now available at PROMO prices!

Flower Buttons 11mm, assorted colours
RM3.50 for 25 pieces

Love Buttons 11mm, assorted colours
RM3.50 for 25 pieces

Round Buttons 20mm, assorted colours
RM3.00 for 12 pieces

Round Buttons 16mm, assorted colours
RM2.00 for 12 pieces

Round Buttons 11mm, assorted colours
RM1.80 for 12 pieces 

Round Buttons 9mm, 2 tones assorted colours
RM0.80 per 12 pieces

These are stocks that available in my stores, at least for now. I'm still waiting for more buttons to be added here. You should be hurry because craft buttons get 'sold out' really quick. I will try my best to restock 'out of stock' items as soon as possible. So, don't wait. Grab them today!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Midnight Quilling

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since my last post. Oh, how I miss writing here again. I was really busy packing up quilling strips for orders and restocking 'out of stock' items, yet have no time to update the blog. But that shouldn't be excuse right? I'm fighting for what I love doing! fighting with laziness in ME...hehe

I quilled some pinky flowers last night and I decided to make 'a love story' card...just for fun. I miss quilled flowers and YES! I'm in 'love' mood anyway. So, check pictures below and write me your opinion.

I'm feeling comfortable on quilling basic shapes for my cards and I'm still learning to handle my fingers to do other quilling techniques (^,~)

I just love the combination of green and pink. I hope you love it too.
Thank you for your views and enjoy your stay!