Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do you know that....

Do you know that, wider quilling strips are easier to handle?

Believe me, it's true!

We know that 3.5mm quilling strips are perfect for quilling and most of online stores sell quilling strips in that size. Recently, I bought a new paper shredder, after my old one has broken. According to the descriptions of the product, the resulting strips are 3.5mm wide and can fit 2 sheets of paper. Perfect for quilling stuff. Unfortunately, it wasn't going well. After using the paper shredder myself, I noticed that the resulting strips are 5mm wide. It was really frustrating. The machine is quite expensive and it's just a waste.

I know that my husband was also frustrated, but he didn't blame me for the incident. He said, maybe the paper shredder has its own benefit on quilling stuff. I hope so! Just to try an error, I make some quilling flowers using the wider strips. What a relief! I found that it is much easier to use than the usual strips. So, it's true! 5mm strips are also good for quilling. Hooray!

See the difference in sizes of the strips. I quilled hearts for you to spot the difference between them both. They look alike from top, but from side, we can see that wider strip stand out more.

I also read others' opinions about wider strips. What makes me feel better is, the fact that quilling strips do come in many sizes, from 1/8" up to 1" width. So, don't have to worry!

Just a useful tip: Use wider strips for typography, but use narrow strips for basic shapes.

That's all for now. Let's spread the joy of quilling with everyone you know!

Have an amazing day!
Thank you.