Friday, April 24, 2015

Drawstring Bag Pack for Daily Use.

Assalamualaikum and Hello friends,

I know it seems a little quiet here.

But if you could hear us in real life, it's very loud in here actually!
I have good stuff and great pictures to post!


Who loves bags? Put your hands up please! Tote bags? Drawstring bags? We do!

I'm sharing my favorite personalized bag pack that I made that day.
YES, that day.

Run baby run! YEAH.
ANNISA plays her part well, styling with the bag pack. 
I'm so in love with it. So YOUNG and ACTIVE!
Look good on her!

The happy IZZAH. My kids love it. I love it too!

By the way, the bag is 19" x 14" in size,
using quality fabrics, strings and leather labels to complete the set.
WASHABLE. Special MADE for comfort.
Suit us & kids too. Great for sports, classes and outdoor activities.
Best PRICE: Rm30

I call the fabric as 'Jepun / Japan' pattern.
Why Jepun? Not so sure. That's all I can think when I saw the fabric at the first time.
Thinking how close Japan with floral, bamboo tree images.

My little HANAN was styling with the bag too!
It suits us and kids, but of course it's kinda extra big for her.

Moments to treasure with PAPA.

OH, almost forget this one.
This is a zippered make up bag, 8"×5.5" in size and it amazingly fits your handbag.
Rm18 only.

OH my models! ALHAMDULILLAH. It was a happy shooting. I think the best part of the session, was when my kids join me too. They're all having fun styling with the bag. Thanks so much dear kiddos, my bags will look boring without you all. Not forget to mention my bestie, Husna of Oh My Lunaa, one that owns the bags, and one that 'pull the trigger' and challenged me to do what I never did before ♥.

Last but not least, the pic of the bag itself! Closer look for the bag when we fit in some books.
The bag is actually big enough to fit some clothes, bottles, and favorite things when you go out.

So, that's it for now.
I promise to be back soon.
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I'm selling my personalized bags through instagram and if you are interested to own any of my MADE, please find me through these hashtags:

#sayajual #drawstringbag #totebag #zipperedbag #toolsbag #Isewbags #sewing #blissfulkidsandcrafts #hobby #handmadewithlove #handmadebags #craftyanathirah #DIY #photobyme

Thank you all,
Have a blissful day!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pregnancy Diary for Mommy-to-be!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hello all,
It's Monday and I'm focusing on the blog updates.

 I'm far behind schedule but the good news is I'm free from orders and I think this is really a good chance to finish everything in my drafts!

Let's start with this cute pregnancy diary! This is an A6 size handbound book with french stitching covered with matching fabrics and also with elastic band as closure!

Oh, this is adorable! A pregnancy journal with cute images at 1st page ♥ Special made for dearest mommy-to-be, she asked for floral notebook with french stitching, and here it is!

I use Lawn Fawn clear stamps set (Plus One) for those cute images.
But yes, you can always sketch or find cute images online, and print them out before binding.
The options are boundless!

Details and PRICE:
A6-sized books, with hard cover.
160 pages, using 125gsm brown KRAFT papers.
Inclusive of a cute little charm, and elastic closure.
Handbound (French or Kettle Stitching)
RM40 each.

Sometimes I mix papers in colorful pastel colors, of same quality and I still use wrappers for my cheaper books, (yes, because wrappers come with lots of great images!) I accept orders for bigger books A5 and A4 perhaps, but the price will change. You may browse other posts, and might find your one there!

Hey look! A rocking horse! So much like the carousel horse at the funfair. I love it very much.

I always love yellow thread for my books. It would brighten anything. I did french stitching using cotton cord and I admit that I have to practice more. Cotton cord took so much patience compared to the crochet thread that I always use.

Last but not least.
Let the pictures tell more.

I've put some media icons on top-right of the corner.
So don't forget to give them a try!

Thank you.
And have a blissful day!