Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a wedding fever!

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

It's 7 Syawal 1433H and everyone is excited about celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. People wear new clothes, enjoy favourite foods and cookies, visit relatives and friends, enjoy fire crackers and also enjoy their duit raya (some money given by elders to children as reward of fasting for a month).

In celebrating hari raya, there are also couples who take this opportunity to hold a wedding ceremony. It’s like an add-on celebration to hari raya and all relatives and friends take part to tone up their feast. Everything is prepared together and happiness blossoms in faces of brides and grooms.

It's your Wedding Day,
So perfect and fine,
With all your friends around you,
To have a good time,
And we wish you much happiness,
Starting your lives as one,
Always give love to each other,
With lots of laughter and fun.

This is also a great chance for me when my friends do make orders of quilling cards with wedding wishes. I'm very glad that my cards are finally accepted and I pray that my business on handmade cards will grow faster than I thought (",)

I feel lucky enough when I find the purple floral pattern paper to match with the purple-pink flower, perfect to make the card look more natural, special designed for my friend, Azilah, as she wished to surprise her friends with pink-purple and lemon rose themed card. 

Lemon rose - themed card. This is my latest design for wedding wishes card. I just love the stripy background of the card. This is actually my first try on husking flowers and leaves. Special made for raja sehari (bride of the day).

So that's all for now, don't forget to visit me at my facebook page and my online stores for more info and fun craft products.

Happy Eid Al-Fitr and have a nice day!

Friday, August 10, 2012

My lemon chocolate - themed Aidilfitri card

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone,

It's a happy day! Orders and orders just came up on my facebook page. I'm getting comfortable and doing my best to complete all orders up before Syawal. Besides the Eid cards, I also accept orders for wedding wishes cards and birthday cards as well (^,~) Of course you can make special request of your desired design and colours.

Here is my lemon chocolate - themed Aidilfitri card. I named it so, because I can't stop thinking of lemon chocolate cake while assembling all parts on the card. Huh, a good reason, don't you think so? By the way, check these out.

I just love the tiny shiny beads at the center of flowers. 

Oh ya, for the sentiments, I used white embossing powder with watermark stamp pad from VersaMark and heat it with a toaster, since I don't have a heat embossing gun yet. I'm planning on purchasing one soon :)

Another simple card with simple colours combination.

So that's all for now, I hope you like it and please do not hesitate to write me your views and comments. Have an amazing day and thank you very much your support. See you soon.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My ribena - themed Aidilfitri card

Assalamualaikum & Good Morning everyone,

Everyone is in their RAYA mood. They're busy shopping for clothes, shoes and not less, Eid Al-Fitr cards. As Syawal is getting closer, orders for cards also increase day by day. I am busy yet very happy till I can't stop smiling :) It's a good start for me and I feel really good when there's people out there who actually appreciate handmade cards. Thank you so much dears!

These are the pictures of my ribena-themed card. I figured out its name when I shoot for it. The petals are in rose pink and deep purple. My favourite colours! Check these out!

 Petals in process. The circle template is really a big help. I love the combination of rose pink and purple. Do you?

 A process of assembling all parts. I really hope my shaky fingers help me with this! Hehe

For this card, I chose to use 5mm strips, so that it stands out more and attracts all attention on the quilling flowers.

Finally done! what a relief. Thank you Allah. I hope you'll like it, as much as I do.

These are the product description:
Product code: Aidilfitri Quilling Card #4
Card: 220gsm
Colour: Cream
Size of card: 10cm x 21cm
Price: RM7 each includes envelope

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Simply click the button above to place order. Quick and easy step. I guess that's all for now. I'm preparing for another card to be exposed. See you soon.

Happy crafting & Happy fasting!
thank you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RAYA card for's really exciting!

Assalamualaikum & good morning everyone,

This is a Eid Al-Fitr card in kids version. A friend of mine suggested me to make a Raya card of a kind that children might love. I guess that children would love a card that full of natural elements like cloud, animals and plants. So here is the result of combining all elements of nature.

As for the ground, I use patterned paper of green colour to visualize grass, thus make the card look more natural & fun. I just love the pinky flamingo & the 3 plants arranged together. What a happy scene! 

These are the product descriptions:
Product code: Kids Raya Card #1
Card: 160gsm
Colour: Cream
Size of card: 10cm x 21cm
Price: RM5 each includes envelope
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I hope you'll like it & please leave comment if you have anything in mind. That's all for now! See you on my next post!

Thank you & Happy fasting!