Friday, December 28, 2012

My Handmade Stamp Press!

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone...

It's a rainy day and during this kind of cold weather, I think it's best to rest at home and sleep..hohoho. Besides of all the craft works, I always find some times to search craft gadgets and tools of my wishlist, affordable one! Heh, I hope I can buy them all but you know, craft tools are way too expensive and YES, I won't waste my money simply on them.
I long for a stamp press for years before I finally find a way to create it myself. When my daughter broke one of my favourite photo frame one day, I was so mad. But now I thank her most when I finally got an idea on how to use the piece of glass that can be saved from the broken frame.

All you need are a piece of glass (any shape, size and thickness), decorative tape to seal the edges of the glass, strong glue and soft sponge.

A little tips, before you start to glue the sponge onto the glass, it's best to ensure that the surface of the glass is clean. You can glue either 6 or 4 pieces of sponge at the back of the glass, suit to your comfort.
Tada! This is my little handmade stamp press. I tried mine with clear stamps and YES! It works! Hooray! Don't forget to try yours and tell me how it is!

Thank you and have a blissful day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Because I love doing what I'm doing!

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone...

Looking back at all the pictures of my past, oh how I miss creating mini cards like this! While I'm busy making cards and gifts with a lot of quilling flowers and learning some new techniques, I took some times to look back on cards I did long ago, when I was eagerly, creating cards for my husband (he was my fiancĂ©e that time :p), brothers and sisters, just to show them what I got, hoping for some compliments I guess...ho ho.

These are some of my lovely cards of my collection, not too bad I think, hehe :p

I got too excited when I had clear stamps in my hand for the first time. I just cant stop myself from making cards, and always searching for ideas to make a nicer and better card, just to be added to my collection..that was why I spent most of my time at stationary shop, just to find a perfect paper! :p



My husband once told me that no matter how bad I think my card was, it was the start of what I love doing, I should not forget those days when I had limited tools in my hand and I struggled with everything possible on my desk, just to make a nice card that I'll proud of it. He was absolutely right and I thank him a lot for his thought. Thank you dear!

I've sold a lot of them at school. It's actually hard to believe that most of primary and secondary students love handmade cards and they were nice and supportive enough to buy these cards from me. I feel really appreciated when they're often requested for special cards for their special one, with sweet and cute sentiments on the cards.

I'm always grateful for people around me who also love handmade cards and support me to create more and more cards everyday. I pray that all the crafts' desires and passion won't go away and I will keep doing what I love doing and soon teach my kids all I know. Well I hope my kids will love crafting too...hehe :p

I think that's all for now. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you too will enjoy crafting and please be free to share your ideas and comments. 

Have a blissful day!