Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RAYA card for's really exciting!

Assalamualaikum & good morning everyone,

This is a Eid Al-Fitr card in kids version. A friend of mine suggested me to make a Raya card of a kind that children might love. I guess that children would love a card that full of natural elements like cloud, animals and plants. So here is the result of combining all elements of nature.

As for the ground, I use patterned paper of green colour to visualize grass, thus make the card look more natural & fun. I just love the pinky flamingo & the 3 plants arranged together. What a happy scene! 

These are the product descriptions:
Product code: Kids Raya Card #1
Card: 160gsm
Colour: Cream
Size of card: 10cm x 21cm
Price: RM5 each includes envelope
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I hope you'll like it & please leave comment if you have anything in mind. That's all for now! See you on my next post!

Thank you & Happy fasting!