Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bookbinding Workshop by LittleSyam: A Dream Come True

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and good day,

It was 2 years ago when I first heard about LittleSyam. It happened when I suddenly interested in binding books and I asked about it to one of my favorite crafter, Asma Ahmad of Simple Rhyme. She recommended me to learn bookbinding from a very talented, professional bookbinder, LittleSyam. It sounded so impossible for me as I've never been to any event after having kids. So I spent times learning from blogs, youtube and even pictures of her books inspire me much. 

I believe that it is far a way better learning things from a real GURU than learning from screen even there's so much tutorials we can get online. I waited so long to have this opportunity and with help of my dearest husband, I finally got here.

The Bookbinding Workshop by LittleSyam was held at Fabric Fanatics, The Summit, USJ. Other than holding workshops for crafts projects, Fabric Fanatics offers beautiful craft fabrics, sewing craft supplies such as buttons, laces, bag accessories and you can find almost everything related to handmade crafts there.

Me with my dearest bookbinding GURU, Mrs.Syam. She's simply the best GURU, a very happy-go-lucky and positive person, of 20 years experience in bookbinding and other crafts.

Standing from left: Ms.Goh, Jenny, Husna and sitting from left: Yogee, Mrs.Syam and me (^___^)

I joined Kettle Stitching slot for first day and a slot takes 3 to 4 hours depending on situations and on. I can't afford to take both slots per day and I think I'll come back next time for the other, InsyaALLAH.

"Don't chase for money, money will come to you eventually"
~ LittleSyam ~

Yeay! A happy face after she gave me a certificate claiming that I'm officially a bookbinder no.698 (^___^)

"Bookbinding balancing my life. Even when I kisssd my son, I can feel the electric static on my face and yes, I think I've had enough of computer work and bookbinding allows me to do things using my bare hands"
~ LittleSyam ~

I really love KETTLE stitching with BUTTERFLY pattern and Mrs.Syam also taught me how to make the DANGLING using the extra leftover thread. The dangling works as a bookmark to the book and it can be made by using metal charms, cute buttons and etc.

Working with new friends, Ms.Goh and Jenny

Kinds of thread used for bookbinding. I was introduced to many types of thread during the workshop and it was a good chance for me to get to know materials more than what I read online.

Happy faces of all dearest (^___^)
Managed to bring my husband and kids visiting Mrs.Syam at Fabric Fanatics the next day after.
Oh, she blogged about us all too, HERE

With Kelly, nice person behind Fabric Fanatics

Another bookbinding session with these amazing people on second day of the workshop. I did really enjoy Long Stitching with LittleSyam and meeting new faces again. The session took longer than I thought because there were a bit of tricky part, binding with the leather sheet. Mrs.Syam had been so nice, she guided us all the time and we were so comfortable working with each other.

Long stitching shape's coming. YEAY! You can't imagine how my heart's pounding real fast, starting the very first stitch to the end. I was so excited and happy that I finally doing things that I only see on pictures all this while.

Standing from left: Samantha, Ms.Goh, me, Nana, Mrs.Syam, Mrs.Linda, Honey
and Michelle sitting next to Yogee in front of us all.

I did really enjoy both Kettle and Long Stitch session, plus it's a great chance of making new friends. Thanks all so much, this is my 1st workshop that I attend in this 4 years, after getting married and having kids. I can't believe this is real. Thanks dear Fairuz Affandi for being so supportive! You really made my day!

I think that's all for now, wait for my next post ya!
I'll show you books that we all successfully made during the workshop.
Thank you and have a blissful days ahead.