Monday, December 2, 2013

My best Book Covers!

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone,

All book covers are getting revealed! Are you inspired? Thinking crafty? Let's continue. I believe that craft papers, wrappers, recycle papers and any kind of papers that have patterns on it are GREAT in binding books.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
~ Mark Twain ~

I'm not kind of choosy in picking papers for my book covers. As long as it looks nice, pretty, strong and I feel comfortable with it, I just grab it. Actually, I can hardly avoid looking at papers everytime I go out, so now you know why I have these entire collection. LOL.


“You can't judge a book by it's cover but you can sure sell a bunch of books if you have a good one.” 
~ Jayce O'Neal ~ 


Handbound books are never enough! Don't you agree? Not for me dear! It has been 9 months since I sold my very first handbound book, ooohhh there's so much more to be learned and explored. I should have post this HERE long ago, but I totally forgot to do that since I've already post it on my FB page. My bad. *sigh*


“Love is like a Batik created from many emotional colors,
it is a fabric whose pattern and brightness may vary”
~ Diane Ackerman ~

On top of all, the Brown Series are always my favorite book covers when I think of something natural and simple. For me, brown says stability, reliability, and approach-ability. It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.

"It is great HOW THE COLOR BROWN AFFECTS US PHYSICALLY; It supplies a feeling of wholesomeness, stabilizes, provides a connection with the earth and gives a sense orderliness"
~ Sensational Color ~

Thank you all,
Have a blissful December!